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Dog of the Week: Evie!

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010
Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

This is pretty little lady Evie! Evie will be turning just 1 in October! Miss Evie came to us as a 2 month old puppy, and boy has she grown into such a happy pup. She loves coming in extra early just to get all the fun out of the day as she possibly can =) Tune into our webcams to see Evie go! She’s always playing and getting into something!

All Hail Rocky

Monday, August 30th, 2010

We received dozens of entries to our “King or Queen for a Day Contest” – an awesome response! We were so thrilled to read how much you loved your dogs and what made them special to you! When we created the contest we thought we’d receive some funny and cute entries. It would be something everyone could have fun with. Those entries came and they were a delight to read. But we also received some truly heartfelt and at times sad entries as well. Whatever the tone, each one clearly came from the heart.


In the end we chose Rocky Moneymaker a sweet Golden Retriever, because his story is exemplifies everything we love about dogs – unending devotion, loyalty without bounds and an unspoken bond.

Due to the personal nature of the story, we asked Rocky’s mom for permission to share and she kindly agreed. You can read it below.

Click the links to read the entries from those who join Rocky as his royal court:

(Trumpets Sound)

Wile. E, Duke of Twitter

Prince Baxter, Royal Scribe

Princess Nola

Princess Lucky

Guinness, Court Jester

Wile EPrince BaxterPrincess NolaPrincess LuckyGUINNESS


Rocky’s Story as told by his mom Shannon

Rocky Moneymaker deserves to be King of the Day for so many reasons, but what sets him apart from the other dogs and makes him qualified to be royalty is his most recent selfless act.

Four years ago, my sister-in-law Penny was diagnosed with breast cancer. She moved into our home and instantly became the best of friends with Rocky. They were inseparable – thick as thieves! When Penny went into remission, several years later, she moved out of our home. Rocky was devastated. November of last year, Penny found out that her cancer had returned and metastasized to her bones, brain, lungs, and liver. Despite very aggressive treatments, her battle was futile and proving unsuccessful. This past May, she decided to stop treatments and move back in with us to spend the twilight of her life with her family and her best friend, Rocky.

The final weeks prior to Penny’s passing, Rocky was by her side every moment. He comforted her when she was sad and lonely. He comforted her when she was in pain. He knew when she was hurting and would position his body with hers in such a way that gave physical relief from her pain. There would be days he wouldn’t eat because he didn’t leave her side. He stayed with her every day and slept with her every night. He stayed by the side of his best friend offering her companionship and comfort; unrelenting and totally devoted. The final hours before she passed, she slipped into unconsciousness. He lay in her lap until we realized something was wrong. We had to coax him away so that the paramedics could render aid and was frantic when they took her away. Penny passed away on June 9, 2010. Rocky was so depressed. He didn’t eat, didn’t play, and hardly went outside for nearly two weeks. His best friend was gone.

To top it all off, we couldn’t reward him with some much deserved doggie daycare because I was home recovering from shoulder surgery! The poor guy hadn’t had regular daycare in months. Finally, last week I returned to work and Rocky returned to his buddies at the Dogtopia in White Flint. I can’t think of a more deserving dog than Rocky for your King of the Day contest!


We agree and can’t wait to pamper Rocky with a day of play, some VIP spa treatment and a spin around the boutique. Rocky is woman’s best friend in every since and we all want to hug our dogs even tighter because of him.

National Dog Day King or Queen Contest!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

We were very excited to see the number of participants that entered their special pup’s into the Dogtopia King or Queen for a day contest! Every email has been fantastic and must admit we have been a bit overwhelmed. We have received dozens of entries and all of them could be great choices.

Initially we’d plan to announce our winner right now and give them a whirlwind day of pampering tomorrow, but we’re still reading through the great nominations! We here at Dogtopia offer our sincerest apologies that we will have to announce on Monday morning and we will then arrange the right day with the winner for their “crowning” and pampering.

As  always, we have the best clients in the entire world and it’s been so nice to read these stories and learn even more about your great dogs!

Celebrate all that is awesome about dogs on National Dog Day!

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

In honor of the special day we’re seeking a pup to crown as King or Queen of Dogtopia for a day!

Entry is simple!  Submit to us in writing at why your dog is super duper special and worthy of the grand title with the subject line of “Queen/King for a Day”.

Please include a picture if possible, as well as their location of attendance. All submissions are due by tomorrow, August 26th at Noon.  We will then crown the winner in celebration of National Dog Day!

His Majesty or Her Highness ( as the case may be) will then be spoiled with a Dogtopia day of pampering this Friday, August 27th- including fun with friends in daycare, a trip to the salon for a bath and pawdicure, and a sniffing spree in our boutique.

In addition to the crowning of our Dogtopia King or Queen, we would like to show our appreciation for this furry, four-legged, fun-loving, loyal species with complimentary tasty treats and one lucky pup will take home a free-5 day pass.

Join us tomorrow for all the fun!

Dog of the Week: Darwin!

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010
Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

AWWW! Isn’t he just the cutest thing you have ever seen!? This is Darwin, a 4 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who has been visiting us since he was just 2 years old =) Darwin is such a sweet heart and all the ladies fall head over paws for him! Darwin is such a great listener and loves showing off how well he can listen to his mommy when our staff say hello to him! Darwin always puts a smile on our face whenever he comes in. We really hope we continue to see him for a long, long time!

Meet Violet!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010


Violet the Golden Retriever loves making sure that everyone knows that she is there and ready for some loving attention!  Not only does she want the room attendants to give her lots of love and scratches, but she is on constantly on watch to make sure there is no one outside who is missing out on the Violet experience.  Some dogs just cannot get enough!

Dog of the Week: Remy!

Monday, August 16th, 2010
Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

Meet Remy everyone! Remy’s a Cavachon who loves coming to play at Dogtopia. Remy will be turning two in November. He has been attending Dogtopia® since February of this year and has been super cuddly and friendly ever since! He especially loves playing with his look a like, Darwin! Remy is a sweet, gentle guy who loves to have fun and we love it!!

Dog of the Week: Callie!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010
Dog of the Week

Dog of the Week

This angelic baby girl is Callie the Cavachon. Callie joined the Dogtopia ® family in January, and she also joined the Shatsky family, becoming Jaxson’s little sister! Jaxson has been coming to Dogtopia ® for a while now so we were super excited when he brought along another Cavachon with him! These two are one of the cutest pair of Cavachons that come in for daycare.

Give Your Pooch a Celebrity Do

Monday, August 2nd, 2010
Trey With "The Jessica"

Having trouble figuring out what your pup’s next hairstyle will be?  Well don’t worry, you can try  out  all the celebrity Dos on your furry friend! Check out this fun feature on Animal Planet and make your next grooming appointment a breeze.

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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