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Our 1st ever Bath Pass!

Spring has SPRUNG and trees, flowers, and ALLERGIES are blooming! If your dog seems particularly itchy after being outdoors it is likely that the grass, pollen, and other allergens are clinging to his coat and following him inside. This leads us to our first ever

Daycare Bath Pass!

When you purchase a bath pass (pre-paying for 5 daycare baths) you will receive 3 free paw-dicures, and free upgrades on each of those baths.


What is a daycare bath? Every day our Pack Leaders give baths during naptime for daycare dogs. Your dog must be here between 12pm and 2pm in order to receive their bath which consists of a  shampoo, and fan dry.

What is a Paw-dicure? When nails are clipped, filed, and a pad moisturizer is applied.

What are upgrades? Conditioners, Oatmeal Shampoo or Citrus Shampoo are normally an extra charge but for your 5 baths they will be free!

What does it cost? Price depends on size and hair of the dog.

What am I saving? At least $70.00!

 How long do I have to use my pass? Until Oct 1st 2011 (6 months).

 What are my shampoo and conditioner options?

 Fresh Pet! By far our most requested shampoo. This shampoo is wonderful for making your pup smell fresh and clean! Its scent isn’t over powering but lasts and lasts! It also has a companion conditioner that is excellent!

 Citrus Plus! Naturally removes existing fleas without harmful pesticides.  Do this prior to monthly flea & tick prevention for maximum protection AND a GREAT smell!

 Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for the dry, irritated or sensitive skin.

 Hypo Allergenic-fragrance free cleansing shampoo and fragrance free super moisturizing conditioner for those super sensitive to fragrance.

What do I do to take advantage of this? See the front desk to purchase your pass. Drop your dog off for daycare and simply say “I’d like to use one of my baths today” and tell us which shampoo and conditioner you would like. Easy!


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live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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