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Lee Anderson portraits on display at BOW

Friday, August 7th, 2009
Murphy - Photo by Lee Anderson

Murphy - Photo by Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson’s images have graced our lobby for a couple of years now. The black and white candid canine shots are befitting any art gallery and we LOVE them.

From’s DC Pet-Friendly Places:

If you’re looking to mix a little culture and fur this weekend, visit Barrel Oak Winery, or BOW as wine lovers with pooches have come to know it as. They’ve extended the Lee AndersonPorties And Their Running Mates” photography exhibit until Labor Day and it’s not to be missed.

The black and white portraits feature images of lovable, fluff-able Portuguese Water Dogs – AKA Porties. Bo Obama may be the most famous of his kind, but undoubtedly Lee’s unique ability to capture the essence of every animal who sets paw in front of his lens will show each is a rock star in their own right!

Lee and his wife Donna will be on hand at a Meet the Artist reception this Sunday, August 9th, from Noon to 6pm. Pack up some of your favorite people and dog treats for the trip and plan on spending the day ensconced in fine scenery, fine wine and fine furry friends.

Also check out: 5 reasons to visit BOW

Presidential First Dogs

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
Laddie Boy Harding

Laddie Boy Harding

We may be a day late, but in honor of President’s Day we thought we’d feature some fun facts and a great little photo essay from on what else? Dogs would called The White House home.

Even if you disagree with a particular President’s politics or policies, there’s something about seeing them with their best furry friend that just makes you say “Awww”.

Fun Facts Snapshot:

  • George Washington was a big fan of the Foxhound. He referenced 30 different ones in his writing! These hounds eventually became known as the American Foxhound.
  • Buddy Clinton

    Buddy Clinton

    Lincoln owned a dog prior to becoming President named Fido. Genius President… maybe not so good with the names. :) Apparently Lincoln was concerned the trip to Washington from Illinois would be too much for Fido so they allowed him to stay in Illinois. After the assassination and Lincoln’s return to Springfield, Fido was there to greet mourners. No limits on a dog’s love.

  • Though he wasn’t reported to be a big dog lover himself, Truman is attributed with this quote: “If you want to have a friend in Washington, you should buy a dog.”
  • Herbert Hoover kept may have had the first unofficial dog daycare. He and his wife were parents to a German Shepherd Dog named King Tut (cute!), an Elkhound, an Irish Wolfhound and two Fox Terriers!

Check out the full TIME article  with photos here.

Let’s play the name game!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Just a day after the Inauguration, Barney and Miss Beazley are out, but who’s in?

Joe Biden and Champ (

Joe Biden and Champ (

The new first family is settling into their White House digs, but everyone is still eagerly awaiting the introduction of the new first dog.

Vice-President Biden didn’t keep us guessing. He quickly chose an adorable German Shepherd puppy to accompany him and his family to Washington. He later named him Champ.

From Obama’s famous assurance during his acceptance speech to his daughters that they had “earned the new puppy coming with them to the White House” to recent news that they’ve narrowed the choice down to a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog – America seems fascinated by the selection process. Almost as much as the election itself!

The American Kennel Club wrote a letter to the Obamas with a short-list of breeds they thought would suit the family. They also established where you could vote for your choice. After 42,000 votes were cast, the Poodle won out.

Petitions, emails and entire websites were devoted to encouraging they adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. The popular animal rescue, Best Friends Network, has one of the most popular sites –

Being staunch supporters of dog adoption, we’d LOVE to see them visit a local shelter and pick out the pup of their dreams, but what to name the luckiest dog this side of the Potomac?

Our clients are some of the most creative people around when it comes to clever dog names as I documented in the recent post “What’s in a name?” .

So we ask you, the awesome and creative clients of Dogtopia of Tyson’s Corner -what are your name suggestions?

Submit your best selection via the comments section here (remember to include an email) before Friday, the 30th and our favorites will be rewarded with cash and prizes!!

Okay NOT cash, but we will give a cool Dogtopia prize. :)

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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