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And the winners are…

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Thanks to everyone from our Tysons Corner and White Flint locations who played the Name Game with us and took the time to share their thoughts on name choices for the new Obama family dog!

We thought you all had wonderfully creative ideas, but had to narrow it down and ultimately, Reiko, Bridget and Lisa were are choices for Best of the Best:

Reiko says:

How about Noa [noh' (w)ah], it means freedom in Hawaiian…

Bridget S says:

I hope they are able to get a breed-specific rescue – this article says they are trying!

Maybe Garrett as a tribute to their home city famous popcorn. Or Windy for a girl. To remind them of home!

Lisa McGrath says:

I love to match a dog’s name to it’s personality. If they go with Waterdog, I like naming it something water-related like Cliff (as in cliffs into the sea), India (as in Indian ocean), Skipper or Gilligan. For a labradoodle, I like Muffin, Curly, or Teddy.

Who doesnt love a Spa Day?

Who doesn't love a Spa Day?

We loved the idea of incorporating the President’s Hawaiian history into the name and it was great that Bridget mentioned the ability to work with a breed rescue in her response. We also just like the name Windy. :) Lisa clearly put some thought into her response, taking the dog’s breed into account.

For their special prize, each of their dog’s will receive certificates for luxury Spa Days at Dogtopia White Flint or Dogtopia of Tysons Corner. Their dogs will be pampered with a soothing bubble bath, pawdicure nail trim, fragrant spritz and bandana the next time they visit us!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Let’s play the name game!

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Just a day after the Inauguration, Barney and Miss Beazley are out, but who’s in?

Joe Biden and Champ (

Joe Biden and Champ (

The new first family is settling into their White House digs, but everyone is still eagerly awaiting the introduction of the new first dog.

Vice-President Biden didn’t keep us guessing. He quickly chose an adorable German Shepherd puppy to accompany him and his family to Washington. He later named him Champ.

From Obama’s famous assurance during his acceptance speech to his daughters that they had “earned the new puppy coming with them to the White House” to recent news that they’ve narrowed the choice down to a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Dog – America seems fascinated by the selection process. Almost as much as the election itself!

The American Kennel Club wrote a letter to the Obamas with a short-list of breeds they thought would suit the family. They also established where you could vote for your choice. After 42,000 votes were cast, the Poodle won out.

Petitions, emails and entire websites were devoted to encouraging they adopt a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. The popular animal rescue, Best Friends Network, has one of the most popular sites –

Being staunch supporters of dog adoption, we’d LOVE to see them visit a local shelter and pick out the pup of their dreams, but what to name the luckiest dog this side of the Potomac?

Our clients are some of the most creative people around when it comes to clever dog names as I documented in the recent post “What’s in a name?” .

So we ask you, the awesome and creative clients of Dogtopia of Tyson’s Corner -what are your name suggestions?

Submit your best selection via the comments section here (remember to include an email) before Friday, the 30th and our favorites will be rewarded with cash and prizes!!

Okay NOT cash, but we will give a cool Dogtopia prize. :)

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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