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It’s the Mutt Madness FINALS!

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

*** Our Grand Champion will be announced shortly!! ***

It’s come down to this.

The young upstart Arlene has a front runner since the very beginning. That  Georgia bulldog puppy face is tough to beat! But Peyton stands ready for the challenge. His Blue Devils are still alive and well in the tourney and Peyton intends to continue the winning tradition.

So it’s Arlene versus Peyton.

Pick your favorite by leaving their name in the comments section.

May the best pup win!!

Arlene is a Georgia Bulldog

Arlene is a Georgia Bulldog

Peyton loves Duke

Peyton loves Duke

Round 2 Voting Begins!

Friday, March 26th, 2010

*** Voting is now CLOSED. We’ll tally it all up and announce our final two Monday! ***

Our first round was heavily contested, with over 270 votes cast! In the end we have our four-legged Second Rounders.

Vote for your favorite via the comments section by writing in the Match-Up # and the name of your Top Dog!

Match-Up # 1 – Maddie and her Dad versus Samantha
Match-Up #2 – Maya and Apollo versus Loki – Fightin’ Irish fans go paw-to-paw!
Match-Up #3 – Coco versus Arlene
Match-Up #4 – Peyton versus Lambeau – Lambeau sets out to reap Terps revenge on the Blue Devils!

Voting will remain open until Sunday night with our Championship Round beginning Monday!

Maddie versus SamanthaMaya and Apollo vs LokiArlene versus CocoPeyton versus Lambeau

Round 2 voting begins tomorrow!

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Congrats to Peyton, Lambeau, Maya and Apollo, Loki, Coco and Arlene on winning their First Round match-ups! The highest vote-getter who did not win their match-up will also be making it to the next round… and that’s… Maddie and her Dad!!

Round 2 voting begins tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

Tip-off of Mutt Madness is here!!

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

*** We’re tallying the votes as we speak (bark) and will announce the second round shortly! ***

Round 1 of our annual Mutt Madness competition has begun! Vote for your favorites via the comments section below by writing in the Match-Up number and the dogs you choose. Each row represents a “Match-Up”:

Match-Up #1 is Sophie vs Peyton
Match-Up #2 is Maya and Apollo vs Maddie and her Dad
Match-Up #3 is Loki vs Leo
Match-Up #4 is Coco vs Brenna
Match-Up # 5 is Lambeau vs Sophie S
Match-Up #6 is Arlene vs Bodhi

Be sure to click on the picture to see the FULL SIZE image. It’s worth the click. :)

Remember, our proud pups are competing for a 5-Day Daycare pass and a basket chalk full of goodies.

Voting remains open until 7pm Wednesday and one vote per email address will be accepted. The winner of each Match-up moves on to the second round, so be sure to pass it along to family, friend, co-workers and anyone else you need to in support of your favorite!

Good Luck to all our great pups !!!

** Mutt Madness update **

Poor Samantha sent in her best Wildcat impression prior to the competition and was accidentally left out when voting began! As voting has already begun and the match-ups are set – we’ll see her in the next round.

Samantha's a Wildcat!

Samantha's a Wildcat!

Is your dog the biggest hoops fan on four legs??

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Mutt Madness is here!

Submit a picture of your dog decked out in their favorite college team’s gear or colors to alex(at) and enter the Mutt Madness 2010 Contest!

Beginning Monday, March 22nd pictures will be posted here on our blog and doggies will go paw-to-paw!

Fans can vote via the comments section and top vote-getters will move on to the next round until we have our Grand Champion!

Our winner will receive a 5-Day Daycare Pass and a gift basket of toys and goodies.

Join us for the Mutt Madness Tip-Off
next Thursday the 18th!

Bring your dog in their “costume” and we’ll snap a picture to enter them in our contest. Each participant will receive a full day of daycare at the half day price and we’ll have basketballs in the playrooms all day.

Be sure to check out the action on the webcams as we celebrate our own version of Madness in March!

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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