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Is your dog a techie?

Friday, December 12th, 2008

In Tysons Corner we cater to a high-end, educated, doggy loving customer base. They also tend to be a technologically savvy bunch. It’s one of the reasons our webcams have always been such a huge hit!

But is your dog as much of a techie as you are?

From – 10 Techie Things For Your Pet

Our Favs

The I.D Chip – because anything that helps get Max back home in a worst case scenario is a good idea!

DNA Testing – for any lover of a designer mix (not a mutt… a designer mix) who ever wondered “What in the world are you?” when looking at their dog, DNA testing has become ever more popular. It not only satisfies curriousity, but can also give clues in behavioral and health mysteries.

Social Networks – we have Facebook and MySpace, so why wouldn’t our four-legged companions have Dogster, Pawspot and Dogbook? Everyone on the internet really should be treated to that picture of your dog in that pumpkin costume from last Halloween.

Doggie Seatbelts – not only do seatbelts keep your dog from distracting you while jumping from front seat to back, back to front, repeat, but it could also save their life in the event of a crash.

See the full story here, then visit the slideshow.

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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