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Dogtopia in USA Today

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Dogtopia founder, Amy Nichols, was recently interviewed for a business focus article in USA Today. It focuses on her beginnings with Tysons Corner and how the company has grown! Be sure to check out the slide show of happy pup clients!

By Garrett Hubbard, USA TODAY

By Garrett Hubbard, USA TODAY

TYSON’S CORNER, Va. — When Amy Nichols worked as a sales representative for Verizon, she often found herself hanging around pet stores on weekends, gazing longingly at the puppies.

A longtime pet lover, she yearned to start a business that involved dogs but wasn’t interested in selling them. She didn’t want to start a kennel, either.

Her inspiration came from her Boston terrier, Griffin. Nichols worked long hours and felt guilty about leaving her dog alone all day. She found a couple of dog day care centers in Washington, D.C., but none near her workplace in Northern Virginia.

So in 2001, she left her job and started looking for a place to launch her own center. A year later, she opened Happy Tails Dog Spa in an industrial park in Tysons Corner, Va.

The center, since renamed Dogtopia, is in a cavernous building that previously housed a telecommunications company. Dogs spend the day in one of four playrooms, ranging in size from 600 to 2,000 square feet. Older and laid-back dogs can spend the day in the lounge; active pups are accommodated in the largest room, known as the gym. Dog owners who suffer from separation anxiety can go to Dogtopia’s website and watch their pups on a webcam.

Click here to check the rest out and some very fun customer pics!

Impromptu Eskie Day

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Cutie of the day!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

nullKimchi Low is a shockingly adorable Westie who plays his little heart out at Dogtopia of Tysons regularly.

We love his sweet spirit. He was a little nervous when he started playing at daycare, but is a perfect example of how socialization can be so beneficial to a canine’s confidence. Now he’s a firecracker and keeps the room nice and lively!

He’s a staff favorite because he’s never too shy to show some doggie affection.

Love, love, LOVE the Kimchi! :)

Our newest friends Lucy and Ashley!

Friday, March 6th, 2009


We’ve had a lot of new friends coming into Dogtopia of Tysons lately and we’re so excited to get to know each of them better!

Lucy is 1 year old Shiba Inu/Heeler mix who has moved to the area from Colorado, where she also attended daycare. She now comes to play in the Toy Box every day.

The Shiba Inus we’ve been privileged to meet are very intelligent dogs and seem to hold very high standards. You have to earn a tail wag! :) Thankfully Dogtopia seems to meet Lucy’s standards and she has warmed up very quickly.



Lucy is pictured wagging her tail in the Toy Box with Chester the Cocker Spaniel, Aiden the Tibetan Terrier and an unidentified (but cute) Puggle rear-end.

Ashley (love the name!) is almost one and she comes to play every day as well. Ashley hangs out in our Gym and is a rescue dog, so we always have a special place for them! She’s a lucky dog from Lost Dog & Cat Rescue, a great organization that’s been doing wonderful work in the Northern Virginia are for years. Ashley is a very sweet girl and she’s made fast friends with some of the other Lounge regulars like Wishbone the Border Collie and Ellie the Chocolate Lab.

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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