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Why we love… Harry!

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Harry or Harry Doodle as he is affectionately called in daycare, is a beautiful, 5 year old, red-colored Labradoodle. If he were a full Poodle I believe he’d be apricot. But that’s a bit too girly for our Harry. :)

Harry has been coming for daycare multiple times a week since he was a pup ‘oodle. Upon graduating to our Gym, he became very comfortable right away. It’s as if he knew he belonged there all along.

There is one spot in the Gym, between two crates, near the radio, that has been and will forever be dubbed – “Harry’s Place”.

When he’s had enough chasing and running, he settles into his spot and takes a nap or just observes the room’s goings ons. If someone else has made the mistake of parking in his spot, we will all hear about it!

His funky attitude and sweet nature our both reason we love our Harry Doodle at Dogtopia!

Dogtopia wants to hear from you!

Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Raneg - Dog of the Week 3/1/09

Ranger - Dog of the Week 3/1/09

We could have team meetings and sit around all day debating how we can improve, make customers happier and even attract new ones… but why not just ask?

Visit the link below to fill out our survey and your answers will provide invaluable information on how we can better serve you and your wonderful dogs!

Enter your email address at the end and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a $100 Dogtopia gift certificate.

Dogtopia Survey

Why we love… Mameha & Jack!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

It’s a double dose of “Why we love” today!

Jack Brogan in an almost 8 years old Aussie/Border Collie Mix that has been coming to Dogtopia of Tysons Corner for years. Mameha is an almost 7 years old Dachshund. She’s been visiting for just as long as Jack! They are both staples of doggie daycare here.

Smiling Jack

Smiling Jack

Why Jack rocks:

  • He’s just a downright happy boy. He greets us with a smile and tail wagging whenever we see him!
  • Jack isn’t quite a romper in The Gym, but he enjoys hanging out and kind of surveying the play.
  • We hear there’s a new kitten at Jack’s house and it’s become Jack’s kitten. Adorable!
  • The funniest part of a day can be Jack going home. When the door from the playroom opens and he comes running at his mom to greet here she calls him “freight train”!
Cute Miss Mameha

Cute Miss Mameha

Why Mameha is a rockstar:

  • She definitely likes to keep the Toy Box inline and considering it’s chock full of big personalities like Scotties, Westies and Pugs, that’s no easy job. She runs a tight ship in there!
  • If things aren’t going as planned, she has no problem telling you about it. She’s a talker. :)
  • She has absolutely no idea she’s small. She’s as big as she wants to be.
  • She loves to get up high and a table, chair, crate or your lap are really great ways for her to accomplish that goal.

We love both of them and look forward to years of more play!

And the winners are…

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Thanks to everyone from our Tysons Corner and White Flint locations who played the Name Game with us and took the time to share their thoughts on name choices for the new Obama family dog!

We thought you all had wonderfully creative ideas, but had to narrow it down and ultimately, Reiko, Bridget and Lisa were are choices for Best of the Best:

Reiko says:

How about Noa [noh' (w)ah], it means freedom in Hawaiian…

Bridget S says:

I hope they are able to get a breed-specific rescue – this article says they are trying!

Maybe Garrett as a tribute to their home city famous popcorn. Or Windy for a girl. To remind them of home!

Lisa McGrath says:

I love to match a dog’s name to it’s personality. If they go with Waterdog, I like naming it something water-related like Cliff (as in cliffs into the sea), India (as in Indian ocean), Skipper or Gilligan. For a labradoodle, I like Muffin, Curly, or Teddy.

Who doesnt love a Spa Day?

Who doesn't love a Spa Day?

We loved the idea of incorporating the President’s Hawaiian history into the name and it was great that Bridget mentioned the ability to work with a breed rescue in her response. We also just like the name Windy. :) Lisa clearly put some thought into her response, taking the dog’s breed into account.

For their special prize, each of their dog’s will receive certificates for luxury Spa Days at Dogtopia White Flint or Dogtopia of Tysons Corner. Their dogs will be pampered with a soothing bubble bath, pawdicure nail trim, fragrant spritz and bandana the next time they visit us!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?

Friday, January 30th, 2009

As we continue our Breed Day good times… Tuesday, February 10th we’ll have a very special Breed Day!

In honor of Valentine’s Day – all mocha, caramel, chocolate and just plain brown dogs will get a special play session, we’ll snap some pictures and everyone will go home with a fun photo collage of the day.

We’ll even post the photo to the website’s photo gallery afterwards.

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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