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Dog of the Week: Shadow!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010


Shadow David is a sweet 5-year-old black lab who comes to Dogtopia® for boarding. This lovely girl loves play around the Gym and lick all of her friends.

Dog of the Week – Peyton!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009


Peyton Mikos is a beautiful 4-year old Golden retriever who comes to daycare regularly with a smile on his fa ce. You can find this happy pup in the lounge romping the day away.

Cutie of the day!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

nullKimchi Low is a shockingly adorable Westie who plays his little heart out at Dogtopia of Tysons regularly.

We love his sweet spirit. He was a little nervous when he started playing at daycare, but is a perfect example of how socialization can be so beneficial to a canine’s confidence. Now he’s a firecracker and keeps the room nice and lively!

He’s a staff favorite because he’s never too shy to show some doggie affection.

Love, love, LOVE the Kimchi! :)

Meet Sierra!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Sierra is an 11 week old Australian Shepherd puppy and we already have decided We <3 her!!

- For starter she’s an Aussie puppy… that speaks for itself
- She has a tail!
- She’s 11 weeks old and she’s a BIG girl – a lot of junk in that trunk
- We love the one blue eye!
- Did we mention she’s an Aussie puppy?

Why we love… Izzy!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
Izzy and his fav toy!

Izzy and his fav toy!

Izzy is the sweetest, happiest German Shepherd Dog at Dogtopia of Tysons.

He frequents our playrooms for daycare and boarding. He enjoys romping with his friends in the Gym.

All of our four-legged playmates are unique, but Izzy is especially so! When he’s taking a break from playing in the Gym, he enjoys lounging in the Grooming area. He gets tons of love there, has a raised Kuranda bed to keep him comfy and is never without his favorite tire toy.

When he’s not spending time in his Grooming oasis, he enjoys playing in pools in the outside area!

Why we love… Harry!

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Harry or Harry Doodle as he is affectionately called in daycare, is a beautiful, 5 year old, red-colored Labradoodle. If he were a full Poodle I believe he’d be apricot. But that’s a bit too girly for our Harry. :)

Harry has been coming for daycare multiple times a week since he was a pup ‘oodle. Upon graduating to our Gym, he became very comfortable right away. It’s as if he knew he belonged there all along.

There is one spot in the Gym, between two crates, near the radio, that has been and will forever be dubbed – “Harry’s Place”.

When he’s had enough chasing and running, he settles into his spot and takes a nap or just observes the room’s goings ons. If someone else has made the mistake of parking in his spot, we will all hear about it!

His funky attitude and sweet nature our both reason we love our Harry Doodle at Dogtopia!

Why we love… Rags!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009


Rags is a seven year old Schnoodle that’s been romping with us at Dogtopia for about seven years. Do the math and you can see why she’s one of our ODs (original doggies) or AKA, a Founding Fido.

- We love little Miss Rags, because she’s just the sweetest girl on four, furry legs.  Just look at the expression on that face.

- She’s a love bug in the playroom. When she comes in she will run right up to you and as soon as you bend down to pet her, she rolls right on her back for a bellyrub.

- We love the way her front paws jump up and down when you pick her up! It’s like an enthusiastic, doggie wave hello.

Why we love Freddie and Lewie!

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
Freddie & Lewie

Freddie & Lewie

Freddie and Lewie are sweet, almost 2 year old mixes that attend Dogtopia of Tysons AND Dogtopia of White Flint regularly. They like to spread their joy over two stores and we’re so lucky to have them!

- Both have been attending since they were puppies, but these siblings have a very unique tale. Though they are from the same litter, Lewie was adopted first. Freddie joined the family after a first adoption didn’t go as planned.

- We think having an adoption fall through is quite sad, but it has certainly worked out for the best! There’s a dog named Bo laying in the oval office right now who’d probably agree that 2nd homes are awesome!!

- We have lots of siblings that come to play with us, but Freddie and Lewie are the closest. They are best buds and can often be found running around The Gym playing tag.

- They both have lovely “singing” voices. When something exciting is going on they hit those high notes like Mariah Carey!

Introducing… Maggie and Liffey!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009


We are constantly amazed by the variety of dogs that love to play at Dogtopia. Dogs are often regarded as the most varied animal species on the planet. From Dobermans to Westies… Chocolate Labs to American Eskimos. And even Miniature Dachshunds to Great Danes. We get the pleasure of meeting, greeting and playing with them all every single day!

Sleepy Maggie

Sleepy Maggie

Maggie is a 15 week old (AHH!!) Miniature Dachshund who is here for her very first day. She packs as much cuteness in a 4 pound frame as anyone could imagine! She’s been playing in the Toy Box today and despite her diminutive size, she has found some playmates on her level, Joco (Toy Poodle) and Sam (another Dachshund). Because she’s still

just a little puppy we give her breaks from the play group, so she can rest. It’s also a chance for us to spoil her a tiny bit at the front desk!



On the other side of our size spectrum is Liffey!

Liffey just turned one last week and we cannot believe how much she has grown! She has a great puppy quality about her and based on the other Great Danes who hang out with us, her “puppy stage” will probably last for some time! :) She enjoys playing in the Lounge and it’s great to see her jump around the playset, run onto the futon and run back. It’s as if she’s playing her own personal game of tag!

We would’ve loved to have just as many pictures of Liffey as Maggie (we don’t play favorites) but this was the only time Liffey was still enough for a photo. :) We were thrilled to capture it!

Our newest friends Lucy and Ashley!

Friday, March 6th, 2009


We’ve had a lot of new friends coming into Dogtopia of Tysons lately and we’re so excited to get to know each of them better!

Lucy is 1 year old Shiba Inu/Heeler mix who has moved to the area from Colorado, where she also attended daycare. She now comes to play in the Toy Box every day.

The Shiba Inus we’ve been privileged to meet are very intelligent dogs and seem to hold very high standards. You have to earn a tail wag! :) Thankfully Dogtopia seems to meet Lucy’s standards and she has warmed up very quickly.



Lucy is pictured wagging her tail in the Toy Box with Chester the Cocker Spaniel, Aiden the Tibetan Terrier and an unidentified (but cute) Puggle rear-end.

Ashley (love the name!) is almost one and she comes to play every day as well. Ashley hangs out in our Gym and is a rescue dog, so we always have a special place for them! She’s a lucky dog from Lost Dog & Cat Rescue, a great organization that’s been doing wonderful work in the Northern Virginia are for years. Ashley is a very sweet girl and she’s made fast friends with some of the other Lounge regulars like Wishbone the Border Collie and Ellie the Chocolate Lab.

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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