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Dogtopia on News Channel 8!

Saturday, February 28th, 2009

Dogtopia of Tysons’ owner, Amy Nichols, had a chance to head down to News Channel 8 and discuss the Obama’s selection of a Portuguese Water Dog as the new member of their family. Why Portie’s make such great family pets, the “challenges” their energetic nature can bring and also where the Obamas may find their new dog.

Wolfie, a 4 1/2 year old Portuguese Water Dog who’s a longtime Dogtopia player, accompanied her and they both did a fantastic job on Let’s Talk Live – check out the video here! It’s worth a look if only for Wolfie’s wonderfully cute, tongue wagging, expression.


St Patty’s Day Pride!

Thursday, February 26th, 2009
Nutmeg - Wheaten Terrier

Nutmeg - Wheaten Terrier

We had a blast playing with all the Chocolate Dogs during February’s Breed Day and we’re looking forward to March!

This year St Patrick’s Day falls right on a Tuesday – traditionally the day of the week we take to celebrate the unique qualities of a particular breed or set of dogs. So you know we have to recognize our dogs of Irish lineage!

Jaxson - Cavachon (with red markings)

Jaxson - Cavachon (with red markings)

We thought it’d also be fun to ask all you redheads to come along as well! Red Goldens, Red Poodles, Viszlas… you’re joining the party!

Irish breeds include Irish Setters, Irish Terriers, Irish Water Spaniels, Irish Wolfhounds (wouldn’t that be fun!!), Kerry Blue Terriers, Wheaten Terriers and Irish Red and White Setters.

That was quite a mouthful! :)

If you aren’t familiar with our Breed Days, click here for more info. Each participant will have a special play session and go home with a picture collage of the day!

We’ll see you on Tuesday, March 17th!

Why we love… Arya!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
We stole Arya during naptime to snap this pic (and maybe a little spoiling, too!)

We "stole" Arya during naptime to snap this pic (and maybe a little spoiling, too!)

Arya is a fantastic 6 month old Doberman that’s recently started coming to play at Dogtopia of Tysons Corner!

It’s only been a couple of weeks, but we’ve already figured out we love Miss Arya…

  • Her name – Arya. In Persian it means “Friend” and “Faithful”. We think that’s about right. We think that’s a wonderful name for a Dobie!
  • Doesn’t seem she’s met a tennis ball that she doesn’t like!
  • Watching her play with friend Tiger, a Brindle Boxer Mix who is also about 6 months old, in the Lounge will make your day!
  • She has a those great perky Dobie ears and big puppy paws that she doesn’t know what to do with yet.
  • She had a sister, Maddie, who were crazy about as well!

We’re thrilled to have Arya with us!

RS… S… what?

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Want to know about new postings without having to check the site every few days? Want to know about our contests and specials as they happen? Or be instantly alerted when we do a “Why we love…” about YOUR dog?

Sign up for our RSS Feed by clicking here and you can receive blogs as we post them right on your Google, Yahoo or Bloglines homepages.

Now wasn’t that easy? :)

Why we love… Emma & Bruno!

Friday, February 20th, 2009


Emma and Bruno are siblings that visit Dogtopia of Tysons Corner on a regular basis.

Emma is a sweet Yellow Lab who will be 5 this April and she’s been prancing into our lobby for years now. Since she was a cute, cute puppy!

Emma pB (pre-Bruno)

Emma pB (pre-Bruno)

Bruno will be 2 in April and he was actually adopted right from Dogtopia! An employee was caring for him temporarily and his mom just fell in love with the cute fluff ball behind the counter. It was meant to be! We think he’s one lucky pup!

We love these two because they are such active supporters of ours! Not only do they attend daycare for a good time, but we also see them out and about at events regularly! I specifically love seeing them at the Super Pet Expo each year! They even make an effort to support our own events… as the pictures from our Luau (early Dogtopia days) and last year’s Halloween Contest Party show.

How cute is Bruno as a little pig??

Spay Day 2009

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009


Tuesday the 24th is The Humane Society’s 15th Annual Spay Day!

Dogtopia truly admires the work the Humane Society has put into educating owners on the value of spaying or neutering your pet. Literally millions of pets are put to sleep each year because there simply aren’t enough loving homes to care for them. It’s a sad reality that doesn’t have to be. Reducing the number of animals born through these simple procedures is the answer. Click here to learn more.

This annual campaign shines light on the efforts to save animals lives and is celebrated across the country!



One of the most exciting events is the online photo contest! Enter your pet’s best cover girl or guy shot here and then pass it along to all your friend’s for voting! Each vote is just $1 and all donations will go directly to helping pets.

Prizes include shopping sprees at HUMANE Domain shop, signed copies of Marley & Me, custom painted pet portraits (say that three times fast) and much more. But aren’t simple bragging rights the real prize here? We think so. :) Proof positive that you really do have the cutest pooch around and you’re helping a great cause.

Presidential First Dogs

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
Laddie Boy Harding

Laddie Boy Harding

We may be a day late, but in honor of President’s Day we thought we’d feature some fun facts and a great little photo essay from on what else? Dogs would called The White House home.

Even if you disagree with a particular President’s politics or policies, there’s something about seeing them with their best furry friend that just makes you say “Awww”.

Fun Facts Snapshot:

  • George Washington was a big fan of the Foxhound. He referenced 30 different ones in his writing! These hounds eventually became known as the American Foxhound.
  • Buddy Clinton

    Buddy Clinton

    Lincoln owned a dog prior to becoming President named Fido. Genius President… maybe not so good with the names. :) Apparently Lincoln was concerned the trip to Washington from Illinois would be too much for Fido so they allowed him to stay in Illinois. After the assassination and Lincoln’s return to Springfield, Fido was there to greet mourners. No limits on a dog’s love.

  • Though he wasn’t reported to be a big dog lover himself, Truman is attributed with this quote: “If you want to have a friend in Washington, you should buy a dog.”
  • Herbert Hoover kept may have had the first unofficial dog daycare. He and his wife were parents to a German Shepherd Dog named King Tut (cute!), an Elkhound, an Irish Wolfhound and two Fox Terriers!

Check out the full TIME article  with photos here.

Why we love… Mameha & Jack!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

It’s a double dose of “Why we love” today!

Jack Brogan in an almost 8 years old Aussie/Border Collie Mix that has been coming to Dogtopia of Tysons Corner for years. Mameha is an almost 7 years old Dachshund. She’s been visiting for just as long as Jack! They are both staples of doggie daycare here.

Smiling Jack

Smiling Jack

Why Jack rocks:

  • He’s just a downright happy boy. He greets us with a smile and tail wagging whenever we see him!
  • Jack isn’t quite a romper in The Gym, but he enjoys hanging out and kind of surveying the play.
  • We hear there’s a new kitten at Jack’s house and it’s become Jack’s kitten. Adorable!
  • The funniest part of a day can be Jack going home. When the door from the playroom opens and he comes running at his mom to greet here she calls him “freight train”!
Cute Miss Mameha

Cute Miss Mameha

Why Mameha is a rockstar:

  • She definitely likes to keep the Toy Box inline and considering it’s chock full of big personalities like Scotties, Westies and Pugs, that’s no easy job. She runs a tight ship in there!
  • If things aren’t going as planned, she has no problem telling you about it. She’s a talker. :)
  • She has absolutely no idea she’s small. She’s as big as she wants to be.
  • She loves to get up high and a table, chair, crate or your lap are really great ways for her to accomplish that goal.

We love both of them and look forward to years of more play!

Puppies know love

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

A great article from as we inch closer to the most romantic holiday of the year.

Love Lessons from Dogs? by Chelsea Kaplan gives us some fun examples of how dogs can actually teach us a few things about love.

Their 5 examples and our thoughts on the lesson learned in relationships:

1. The reassurance of forgiveness

One of the best things about dogs is they are the first ones to forgive and just move on. Visit any shelter and you’ll see the hope and eagerness in their little eyes.

Who hasn’t held a grudge against a boyfriend or girlfriend for a bit too long…

2. The security of unconditional love

Dogs don’t put caveats on their love for us. We rub their bellies, throw the ball, give them some treats and they are ours forever.

We’re all looking for someone who likes us just for us.

3. The comfort of consistency

Your dog is your dog all of the time. Every day they’ll be there at the door, tag wagging and loving that you’re home. There’s definitely a comfort in knowing you can rely on that if nothing else!

4. The need to be playful

Dogs like to shake it up and have a good time. No need to be so serious. Enjoy some simple things!

5. The importance of effective communication

Since our dogs haven’t quite figured out he English language (or at least they pretend not to…) we have to work hard to learn how to best relate to them and be understood. Women and men seem to have the same challenge. :)

Click here for the full article.

(And as a side note – congrats to Stump the Sussex Spaniel! At the awesome age of 10, Stump is the oldest winner and now everyone knows – as we do – seniors are beautiful!)

Chocolate for Valentine’s!

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Who needs a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day when we’ve got these adorable Chocolate (and maybe light brown) dogs to keep us company?

Thanks to everyone who let their dog join us for Chocolate Day today!

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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