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Archive for December, 2008

Christmas at Dogtopia of Raleigh

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Dogtopia of Raleigh had a great Christmas with family and friends (dogs).  Below are some pictures which we would like to share with you.  All of the dogs were in great spirit and enjoyed making new friends.  Tucker got a little homesick in the beginning but then adjusted nicely.  Pace really enjoyed the holiday season as you can tell.  Elvis just wanted the Santa hat off.  Each dog made goody bags for themselves and their parents to enjoy when they left here.  Overall, it was a great holiday and now we have our New Year babies here.

Tucker:                                                                   Pace:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Janet and Tami

Dogtopia Before Christmas

Monday, December 22nd, 2008
Dogtopia Before Christmas
Author: Dash Hamrick

Dogtopia before Christmas
And all through the place
Our Doggies were playing
With smiles on their faces

The Leashes were hung by the
Playrooms with Care
All in Hopes that Santa Paws
Soon would be here

At 7:00 came Dinner Time,
Outside, then to Bed
Visions of Treats
Dancing through Our Puppy Dog's Heads

PJ & Polly on the Futon did Nap
While Bebe found Janet
And curled up on Her Lap

When Outside the Playrooms
There Arose Such a Clatter
The Pups All Awoke to See
What was the Matter?

Away to the Window
We Jumped Up to See
What in the World
This Commotion Could Be

When to our Surprise
We looked up in the Sky
To See Santa Paws
Flying a Sleigh Bone So High

On Puck, On Doozer, On Bennett
On Abbey, Fly Lily, Fly Couby,
Fly Chaps, Fly Sade

Then on the Rooftop
They Landed with Ease
With Toys & Treats
Our Boarders to Please

Then in an Instant
He Came into the Gym
So Furry & Round
With a Cute Puppy Grin

His Ears Were so Floppy
His Fur Warm & Soft
His Dog Tags Were Jingling
As His Sack He Took Off

He Left Us Our Treats
Too Many to Count
Greenies to Chew On
And Kongs to Bounce 'Round

As He Flew Up the Chimney
He Turned Back to Say
If They Can't Be At Home
Dogtopia's the Place They Should Stay
Dash - Author of Dogtopia Before Christmas

Dash - Author of Dogtopia Before Christmas

New Foster Dogs

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Dogtopia of Raleigh has two new foster dogs.  It turns out that they are sisters and are two years old.  They are very precious and would love to have a new forever home together.  They are very polite and offer lots of love to us humans.  Please visit the second chance web site ( to learn more about them.  They will be posted shortly.

Please meet Lana and Kiki.  They are golden retriever and sheltie mix.

You can also come by Dogtopia at 4708 Hargrove Road in Raleigh to meet them.


Tami and Janet

This is why we do it!

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Need we say anything more!

He Ate What????

Monday, December 8th, 2008

A few weeks ago, one of our regular daycare puppies (who will remain nameless to protect Mom from possible embarrassment) got sick while at daycare. The poor 7mth old who only weighs about 15 pounds, started to vomit. When our staff member got down to clean it up, she realized there was a black object in the vomit. Concerned, she called us in to look. We put the object in a bag and took it to the sink to clean it off to see if we could figure out what the puppy had eaten. Was it pantyhose? A sock? As we started to rinse it off, we realized that it was a pair of Mom’s black lace panties. Not just bits and pieces, the entire pair swallowed whole! We were amazed that the poor little guy could swallow the whole pair. We told Mom when she came to pick him up and she wasn’t surprised at all. Apparently he likes to play keep-away at home with Mom’s undies. Needless to say, we got quite a chuckle out of the whole situation (and we were thankful that nothing more serious happened to him from eating the whole pair). The following week, he surprised us with more of Mom’s undies but only bits and pieces this time. Today, when dropping him off, she informed us that he may have eaten a sock so who knows what we will get from him today!

FYI – this was written with full permission from Mom!! She found the whole situation as amusing as we did.


Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Wow, what a terrific Thanksgiving we had!   We celebrated the day with about 30 dogs and family, yes human family (Thanks Mom for bringing all the wonderful food).  We had a lot of outside time because the weather was just beautiful.  Everyone enjoyed being able to play with their new friends all day long.  Mel, a 4mth old Weimaraner, was able to keep up with Crazy Lily the Vizsla (and we didn’t think anyone could keep up with her)! In the Toy Box, Buster and Chaunsee never seemed to have enough play time.  And assisting with bath time, Baxter showered everyone with his slobber. Overall, it was a great first Thanksgiving at Dogtopia Raleigh and we thank everyone for letting us share it with their babies!

Which way did he go?

Which way did he go?

Best Friends Chelsea and Jack

Best Friends Chelsea and Jack

Where did the squirrel go???

Where did the squirrel go???

Time for a snooze

Time for a snooze
live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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