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First Fridays Yappy Hour & Painting Party for Charity

For our last First Friday Yappy Hour of the year, we’re adding a special treat…a painting pawty! Even better, we’re doing it all for a good cause.
We’re working with Caleb’s Kids to help raise money for Lili, a five year old deaf child who needs a hearing dog. Lili’s service dog will be trained to alert her to emergency devices such as fire and smoke alarms, approaching cars when she’s out walking, as well as every day sounds we might take for granted like the doorbell, her videophone, and even her name being called. Right now she does not have any age-appropriate independence as she relies on her parents or her sisters to let her know when her name is called, when meals are served, and she has to hold someone’s hand and be monitored constantly while walking or playing outside for fear she’ll get too close to the road and not hear a car. She also is afraid to sleep at night because once you turn out the lights then she has no hearing and no vision. Her service dog will sleep with her in her room so she feels safe enough to relax and sleep.
After much testing, a puppy named Angel has just been chosen for Lili, and is now at the Georgia K9 training center for the first phase of what will be a two year training process. Two years of specialized training is very expensive, so we want to help in any way we can.
Please join us this Friday, December 2 from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. to support Lili and Caleb’s Kids. We’ll have drinks for the people and open-play for the puppies, plus for $15 your dog can create a Picasso-like masterpiece that’s a great holiday gift, or art piece for your home. 100% of the proceeds from the paintings will go directly to helping pay for Angel’s training at Georgia K9. Candid photos of your dog painting will also be available for purchase from Photography by Jamie Lea. A portion of all photo sales will also benefit Angel’s training.
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live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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