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The Winner of the 1st Annual Mutt Madness!!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

What a matchup! Cooper took a commanding lead early in the match but by the halfway mark, Jake was starting to show his strength. Both dogs rallied and a clear winner was not decided until the last couple hours of the matchup.

With 68% of the votes, our winner is…


Our winner -- JAKE

Our winner -- JAKE

 Congratulation to Jake — Our 1st Annual Mutt Madness Winner!!

Let the tallying begin!

Monday, March 30th, 2009

What a wonderful voter turnout we had for the 1st annual Mutt Madness. We are currently tallying the votes and we will announce the winner tomorrow!

Make sure and sign up below for the RSS feed to get the latest results!

Thanks again to everyone who entered the contest and to everyone who voted!

Championship Match Up

Friday, March 27th, 2009

We’ve made it to the Championship Matchup. The Final Four had a tight matchup between Quigley and Jake. Quigley was in the lead until an early evening push by Jake fans. Matchup #2 had Jake with 58% of the votes. Matchup #1 was dominated by Cooper. He had 68% of the votes for his matchup.

Once again, please vote through the comment section for your favorite spirited pooch. Voting is now open until 11:59pm, Sunday, March 29. You may vote once per e-mail address and name. We’ve wiped the slate clean and either dog has the chance to win. The Championship is up for grabs. Make sure to tell your friends and family to get out and vote!

Championship Matchup:  Jake VS Cooper

Jake -- Go UNC!

Jake -- Go UNC!


Cooper -- Go Tarheels!

Cooper -- Go Tarheels!

Final Four — Let the voting begin

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Here are our Final Four!

We tallied up the votes and it was very close in all 4 match ups. Please vote using the comment section at the bottom of this entry. You will have until 11:59 pm, Thursday, March 26th to vote. Voting will close at midnight and any votes after the polls have closed will not be counted.

You may vote for one or both match ups. Duplicate votes (same name or e-mail addresses) will only be counted once.

Match up #1:  Cooper VS. Teddy

Cooper showing his Carolina pride

Cooper shows his Carolina pride

Teddy loves that Carolina blue

Teddy loves that Carolina blue


Match up #2: Jake VS. Quigley

Jake cheers for Carolina every chance he gets!

Jake cheers for Carolina every chance he gets!

Quigley is proud to be a Carolina fan

Quigley is proud to be a Carolina fan

It is a Tar Heel sweep! Who will be in the championship match up? Who will be the first Mutt Madness winner??

Cast your vote NOW!

Voting for the Terrific Ten is closed — Final Four Starts tonight

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

The voting for the Terrific Ten has closed. We will be tallying the votes this afternoon and late this evening we will be posting the Final Four.

Make sure to sign up for the RSS feed below to get the latest information on each matchup and on voting for your favorite Mutt Madness dog.

A few ways to save some money

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009

We’ve got a few ways to help stretch those doggy dollars.

1) Referrals: Do you have friends who have dogs? Do they have daycare or boarding needs? How about suggesting Dogtopia? Refer 5 friends to Dogtopia for daycare or boarding services and receive a 5 day pass.  WOW! Your friends use Dogtopia and you get a 5 day pass – what a great deal!

2) Mutt Madness: Enter your dog into the Mutt Madness photo contest. It’s as simple as 1,2,3. 1) Dress your dog in their (o.k. maybe your) favorite college colors or apparel. 2) Take a photo of your FANtastic dog 3) Submit your picture to us via e-mail at or in person. We will place pictures in our bracket style contest to be voted on by Dogtopia of Cary customers. You could win a basket full of all types of goodies including a Dogtopia gift certificate.

 3) Wee Wednesday and Fun Friday events at Dogtopia: Enjoy a full day of dog daycare at the 1/2 day price ($17). Wee Wednesday will take place on March 18th and Fun Friday will be March 25th. Please RSVP for these events!

4) Boarding: We are running a limited time only boarding special. Enjoy “Stimupup Pricing” for all your boarding needs. Your dog will get the same fantastic care and attention at a special price of $38 per night (reg. $45). If you are a daycare pass holder, your price is a paw (daycare day) plus $10 (reg. $17). Call today to make all your reservations and take advantage of this special, limited time pricing. Some restriction apply as well as some blackout dates (Thanksgiving week, Christmas week, and New Years week). Call today before time runs out!

5) Survey, Survey, Survey: Fill out a short survey about Dogtopia. It shouldn’t take very long. Each completed survey will be entered into a drawing for $100 doggy dollars. There will be two winners. We would love to hear what you have to say!

6) Write a review: Help us get the word out that the Dogtopia experience is top notch. In appreciation for writing a review, we would like to thank you with a $10 doggy dollars gift certificate. There are a number of places to write review: Yahoo, Google, Yelp,,,, etc.

7) Meetup events: Join our meetup group to enjoy free off leash play once a month. Your dog will be able to play with new doggies and you will get to meet some dog parents. It’s a win-win situation. You will need to sign up early because the spots fill up very fast! Visit our Meetup page for details and to sign up.

8 St. Patty’s Day: If your pup celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us at Dogtopia of Cary and you will be entered into a “Pot of Gold” raffle. One lucky winner will go home with a $10 gift certificate.

We are always working to provide more value to you. If you have any suggestions, let us know! We always appreciate hearing from you.

Mutt Madness

Friday, March 6th, 2009


Is your pooch the biggest hoops fan on four legs? Enter Dogtopia\’s 1st Annual Mutt Madness and prove it!

Submit a picture of your dog sporting the colors of your favorite college by Sunday, March 22nd and they’ll be entered in our bracket-style competition! Submissions can be emailed to or dropped off at the front desk.

We will have the blow-by-blow details and voting will be done by the “crowds” via the comments section of this blog. You’ll be able to share the link with family, friends, co-workers and anyone else you can to really get out the vote for your pooch! Make sure to sign up for the RSS feed below to get the latest news.

The First Round opens Monday, March 23rd and will continue every other day through-out the week until we reach our final 2!

Join us Sunday, March 22nd for the official kick-off at our Meet-up event! Bring your spirited dog to the party and will take a photo. You can enter the contest right then! You must RSVP by phone by March 18th in order to attend.

We may not have a big trophy or a net for our winner to cut down, but the biggest fan will receive a basket of goodies, including gift certificates, toys, and unique gifts.

Oh – and the most important thing of all… bragging rights!

Foster Dogs: 3/5/2009

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

We would like to introduce you to our foster dogs: Lucky and Beauton. If you are interested in one of our foster dogs, please go to Marley\’s Cat and Dog Tales for more information.

Lucky is a lab/beagle mix that has a great disposition. At a little over 1 year, he is friendly, good with kids, good with people, ok with cats (especially if the cat stands up to him), and great with other dogs. He has been a great addition to the playroom. He was found wandering the parking lot of a Starbucks. We think he looks a bit like a grande slim latte. If you would like to meet Lucky, give us a call (919) 467-4477 and we will schedule a time for you to come by and meet this handsome guy.




We have a sweet little guy who will be staying with us and his name is Beauton. He is about 2 years old and he is one of the cutest Pomeranians we’ve seen. He likes to cuddle and is pretty easy going. He loves to play with all the dogs – big and small (well everyone is bigger than him with the exception of Bailey the Morkie). If you would like to see him in action, check out the webcams.



That time of year: Resolutions

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Can you believe it is 2009? Where did 2008 go? I’m sure many are happy that the year is over and a fresh new year is here. Well, with the new year comes resolutions. Have you made yours?

We’ve been working hard and here is our list:

1) Lose weight: We’ve discovered a new diet and exercise regimen that we’re calling the Dogtopia diet. Want to know how it works? Spend every day playing, chasing, and cuddling dogs, cleaning up the doggie messes, mopping the playroom floors entirely twice a day, cleaning the rest of the facility, and then take about 1/2 hour to catch something to eat and drink. Do this day in and day out and you’ll lose at least a pant size, maybe two.

2) Lose weight part II: The doggie version of the Dogtopia diet. Come to doggie daycare, play with some friends, take a short breather, play some more with some friends, chase a girlfriend (or boyfriend) and try and kiss them, have a light snack, play with the staff members, collapse and take a nap.  Our boy Murphy has been on this diet for about 3 months and he’s lost about 10 pounds. He looks and feels great and our vet was very happy at his last check-up. Do you know of any dogs that might need to get fit in 2009? Let them know about doggie daycare and how it has benefited your dog.

3) Spread the word: We want to get the word out even more about Dogtopia. We would like to thank all of you for helping us out with this goal. This year we plan to get out more in the community and let people know all about the Dogtopia experience. If you see us at events, please stop by and say “hi”. If you know of any upcoming events, let us know and we will check them out.

4) Search out the perfect doggie toy: We like to use the classic Kong toys and although the dogs have lost a little interest in them, they are holding up pretty well. But in order to keep providing new, exciting, and durable things for the doggies to play with, we’ve been on a quest. Find a durable toy that also squeaks. We’ve found that the dogs go apes over the squeaky toys that are chewable (rubber). Over the past month, we’ve been trying out various dog toys in the playroom. Unfortunately, most have not worked out (lasted) as well as we’d like. Our first tester is Muppet. He has a power jaw when it comes to the squeaky ball. He can sit for hours squeaking away. When he comes to daycare, the first thing he does is bark at the cabinet or table where the toys are. Our second tester is Sherlock. He wastes no time getting right into the toy and really puts them to the test. Usually Muppet eliminates a toy pretty quickly before Sherlock can get a hold of it. But, there have been a few toys that have been deemed Muppet proof and then subsequently get demolished by Sherlock. So, it is back to the drawing board as we continue our quest for a toy that will make it past the rigors of the Muppet and Sherlock test program. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

5) Continue to provide premier and consistent quality: Chris and I opened a Dogtopia because we believe most dog owners, like us, want to take their dogs to a place that treats them as if they were their own. We wanted a place that provided: quality care, a clean and safe environment, all inclusive pricing, the ability for owners to see their dogs online, and a caring staff. We work hard everyday to insure that we continue delivering on those principles. But we also want to work on improving our facility and we welcome your ideas, comments, or thoughts. Please let us know how we are doing and what we could do to make our facility an even better place to bring your dogs.

2009 will definitely be a challenging year but we look forward to the prospect of meeting many new dogs and their owners, and of continuing the relationships that we’ve already made. Chris and I again want to thank everyone that helped us launch our business in 2008 and offer thanks in advance for your continued support in 2009. Good luck to everyone with their resolutions and we will keep you updated on the progression of ours.

Good-bye 2008 and Hello 2009

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

It is the last day of 2008 and boy what a year it was. The word “change” was used so often this year, yet I think it best describes how this year went. So many events happened which made people “change” their perceptions, their priorities, and their lifestyles. I just hope that all the “change” provided what each person needed in order to find peace and happiness in the new year.

Chris and I have seen a lot of “change” this year. We are very happy we made the decision to open Dogtopia of Cary. We have met some wonderful owners and have gotten to know their fantastic dogs. We have worked with some great people and look forward to growing with them in 2009. Overall, it has been an exciting year with even greater opportunities next year.

With the new year just hours away, we look forward to working on exciting events, new offers, community projects, and new adventures with the dogs. Stay tuned!

May 2009 be full of love, joy, happiness, good health, adventure and prosperity!

Best wishes!

live. love. play.
live. love. play.
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